• Muslims Dream of Jesus!

    For 30 years, the Lord Jesus has been appearing in dreams and visions to millions of Muslims all over the world! In awe, they are coming to Christ. Huge numbers are following Jesus, but the church seems asleep. Find out more about Isa Dreams, their importance, why the silence, and what you can do about it. It’s time to wake up to this move of God!
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  • Repent!

    Rub the sleep from your eyes! Our most powerful response to these miracles is to engage in corporate and personal repentance. Jesus said, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” The kingdom is coming to Muslims, and the church is asleep! Read passages on dreams and repentance, pray for a contrite heart in this issue, learn how to remove barriers to faith and release God’s Spirit.
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  • Wake Others!

    Isa Dreams are preparing people's hearts to follow Jesus. We have a similar privilege to wake people where we live - using social media and the power of genuine relationship. We have these gifts of communication and connection to lead people into repentance, intercession, collaboration and engagement - help others in doing the work of the kingdom!
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News from the Middle East!  –  Interview with Tom Doyle

(Interview link) Acclaimed author of Dreams and Visions, Killing Christians and his new book, Standing in the Fire. Tom gives an exciting update on how the Holy Spirit is moving among Muslims and former Muslims in the cauldron of the Middle East.

World Net Daily article comments on Manifold Hope!

Click here to see the WND article “Rising Number of Muslims Reporting Dreaming About Jesus!”.

Hope has Many Faces

Manifold Hope is a reconciliation ministry that carries the Hope of Jesus Christ into hopeless situations, desiring to see people transformed into diamonds of hope. We select situations that are underserved, or where we might have a unique perspective to offer.

hope diamond

The Four R’s

Our methods are always the same:

  • First, we Research the facts.
  • Next, we Report the facts thru the lens of Hope, actively seeking God’s purposes in difficult and hopeless situations.
  • Then we Repent for our own attitudes, lack of faith, and preconceived notions, asking God to change our minds and hearts to align us fully with His heart and His purposes.
  • Finally, as His Spirit leads, we Repair the situation with actions that often have a much larger impact than our effort spent.
4 rs

Bridges of Hope

If God is with us and our work is well done, bridges of hope remain long afterwards between groups of people that would otherwise never have met.   Ultimately we pray that we all might come together on bridges of Hope to offer greater and more expansive world-wide worship to the King.


Bridge between 2 rocks







To learn more about our mission, subscribe to our newsletter, subscribe to our blog, or contact us directly.

Email: manifoldhope@isadreams.org

Phone: 512-921-5540

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