This is much bigger than I thought

We have almost finished the website on Isa dreams. At times, researching Isa dreams (dreams about Jesus) has been overwhelming – seeing history unfold like a rolling video in front of you is amazing! Yesterday I spoke with a missionary in Dallas who has spent over 25 years combined in Indonesia and the Middle East and he was eager to talk about Isa dreams. He said that Isa dreams were at the heart of virtually every fruitful conversation he’s had with Muslims. He believes that the “man of peace” in every town or village is probably having Isa dreams. It is exciting to let your mind flow with these ideas – the God of the universe is taking matters into His own hands like Ezekiel 34 says, “I myself will search for my sheep … I will rescue them … I will bring them out … and gather them.” It’s not like we don’t have a role in this. It seems that God is mostly using these dreams to prepare people to respond to the gospel when they later hear it. I’ve looked at hundreds of these testimonies and they don’t talk much about individuals getting saved from the dreams, rather people are intrigued and sometimes go to Christians to get an interpretation. It’s like Pharaoh or Nebuchadnezzar, people can’t forget their dreams and wonder what they mean. That wonder opens up a whole new world for the dreamer.

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