Awaken Conference – Declaration


We the attendees of the 2013 Awaken Conference declare the following:
God, though his Son the Lord Jesus Christ, is at work among Muslim people to reach out to them through dreams and visions of Jesus, known to Muslims as Isa in the Quran. Muslims in countries all over the world are seeing Jesus (Isa) appear to them in dreams and visions, indicating that He is the way for them to be reconciled to God.
God loves all people and does not want anyone to perish. Dreams and visions of Isa are an indication of God’s love for Muslims and His desire that people of Muslim background and/or Muslim faith will hear about and accept salvation through Jesus Christ.

Dreams or visions of Jesus (Isa) have played a key role in a large number of people of Muslim background who ultimately make decisions for Christ, who often must sacrifice relationships with family members if news of their decision becomes known.

While a few instances have documented individuals making a decision to follow Christ immediately upon having a dream or vision of Christ (Isa), the vast majority of dreams or visions of Isa result in increased interest in learning more about Isa in the days, months, and years that follow the dream or dreams, with the resulting conversions only occurring after Muslims have direct contact with believers.

Since the Enlightenment, the Western Church (including most of Western Europe and North America) has become less inclined to discuss dreams openly. Compared to many other cultures worldwide, including most Muslim countries, the Church has downplayed dreams and visions as an instrument used by God. We believe the Western Church is not appropriately recognizing and appreciating the direct work of God in bringing dreams and visions to Muslims.

Acts of terrorism committed by radical Muslims toward the West have resulted in fear, anger, and hate towards Muslims in general by many Western believers, lessening the interest of many Christians in participating in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims.

We the attendees of the 2013 Awaken Conference call upon the Western Church to repent of

• Any belief that God loves Western cultures more than he loves Muslim cultures
• Not considering Muslims as our neighbors and loving them as we love ourselves
• Not appropriately recognizing and appreciating, praising and thanking God for His direct work to bring news of His Son Jesus to Muslims through Isa dreams and visions
• Fearing all Muslims because of some radical elements within Muslim cultures
• Hating Muslims because of what we perceive as their participation in or tolerance of radical acts, while failing to see and repent of our own corresponding sins such as the Western culture’s exportation of filth in the form of media that defiles and corrupts them
• Not praying for salvation for Muslims
• Not asking God how we can join Him in his desire to reach Muslims


Awaken Conference Declaration

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