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Read about our website in the new WND article “Rising Number of Muslims Reporting Dreaming About Jesus!” (click here)

Use these links to find out more about Islam and about Isa dreams. Ask God to speak to you as you read testimonies or look at videos and articles. This is a thrilling time in our history! This isn’t history past, this is happening right now. Pray to discern your part in this story and He will speak to your heart. You are one of the faces of hope.
(Frank Costenbader for Manifold Hope.)

Yes, even at Burning Man, Jesus is appearing in dreams! (click here)

Major websites for videos about Isa dreams:

CBN documentary: Visions of Jesus Stir Muslim Hearts (written; video)


Testimonies and Stories of Muslim Converts:

Testimonies on other web sites:
Dreams and Visions of Isa al-Masih
From Dreams to Reality (video testimonies)
Isa and Muslims

Websites to learn more about Islam:
The Crescent Project
Christian Answers: About Islam

Chart of Testimonies by Location

Men Women
Middle East Al-Gharib, Bassam, Younathan, Abdul S., Emir R., Omar*, Shawqui, Abd El-Fady Fatimah, Seham
Israel Walid
Egypt Ibrahim*, Adel, Sheikh Mansour*, Suraj El-Din, Mahmoud, Ahmad
Palestine Masab Yousef, Joseph, Tahir, Thayer* Amal
Jordan Fatima
Iraq Khaled, Abdullah, Monthir*, Samir
Kurdistan Azad, Ali, Sinur, Zana
Kuwait Ibrahim
Syria Kamil, Ziad* Amina
Lebanon Haytham (Druze)
Kosovo Ibrahim*
Turkey Masud, Yücel*, Erkin, Zinnur*, Mustafa*, Baris*, Taryk Hatice*, Pinar, B.N.*, Sirpil
Saudi Arabia Mutee’a Al-Fadi, Ubaidullah*, A Brother
Iran Mohammad, Dr. Hormoz, Behnam, Bagher, Saeed, Ali, Hussein, Mansur Sara, V. S., Nadereh, Halimeh, N.N.
Russia Farid* Khadija*
Pakistan Farooq Ibrahim, Paul Michael, Mawlawi Dr. Imad ud-Din Lahiz, Barakat Ullah, Abdul Haqq*, Mohammad, N.N., N.N., Steven Masood, G.M. Naaman Esther
India Dr. Deshmukh, K.K. Alavi*, N.N., John A Subhan
Afghanistan Hussain Andaryas, Zia Nodrat*, Sultan Muhammad Paul*, N.N., more
Morocco Jamel, Sami, Mustafa, Mouhammad, several in Arabic Malika*
Algeria Kader, Hamid, T.A., Ahmed N.N., Dalila
Nigeria Adewale, Garba Adamu
East Africa Leah
West Africa Gunjoa
Somalia Liiban, N.N.
Far East Baharom Siti Zainab*, Rabiyah
Indonesia D., Hamran Ambrie(*), Mathius, Kartini, Hamzah*, N.N.
Malaysia Sharafuddin*, Chariah*, Faisal, Yahya*, Tarmizi*, Hisham*, Hamzah, Anuar Aishah*, Rogayyah*, Jamilah (.mp3),Sharifah*
Trinidad Fareed
Unidentified Omar, N.N.
United Kingdom Naz (Ismaili) Khadija Butt
United States,
Nabeel Qureshi, Khalif M. Hassan (NoI), Omar Muhammad (NoI) Martha, Negeen, W.L. Cati, Grace, Mary

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