Wake Others!

Wake other Christians to the knowledge of Isa Dreams

If you are interested in spreading the word about Isa Dreams, we’d love to have you join us. Think about it, the only God of heaven and earth is revealing Himself! He is preparing a great harvest of people to follow Him. You can use the links on our website (along with our research paper) to familiarize yourself with the subject. Encourage your pastor(s) and staff to communicate with us as well. Part of our vision includes collaboration, through which we plan to bring mission professionals, academics, pastors and lay people together in prayer, planning and action to reach out to dreamers.

We have a section on repentance that explains our position on corporate repentance and why we believe that it plays an important role in furthering this work of God. Prayers of repentance and orders of worship for repentance services are also available for your participation. As you engage in repentance, you will better understand the barriers against missions and be empowered to respond.


Sign up for our newsletter (in the sidebar) and you’ll receive articles about Isa Dreams, missions, upcoming events and ministry opportunities. You’ll also get a white paper that describes the Isa Dreams phenomena in greater depth and breadth.


We are putting up articles on our blog as the Lord unfolds His work through us. The blog gives you a means to ask questions, give feedback and speak prophetically as the Lord speaks to you. Subscribe to the blog via RSS or Email.


Mission professionals, missiologists (those who study missions), pastors, lay people, Isa dreamers … we plan to bring you all together for conferences designed to raise awareness about Isa Dreams and to plan practical mobilization for missions. To stay informed about upcoming conferences, sign up for our newsletter in the sidebar.

Social Media

One of the powerful ways to spread awareness of Isa Dreams – to wake people up – is to use Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media. We are designing a Facebook page and encourage you to get the word out that God Himself is appearing to people all over the world. Share your favorite insights using Facebook and Twitter!

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