Wake up to dreams!

 Wake up to Isa Dreams

It is time for the Western Church to wake up to a great move of God.

Millions of Muslims are becoming Christians after Jesus appears to them in dreams and visions. The occurrences are so similar that many websites call Him “the man in white” – a  glowing figure who often identifies Himself as Isa (Arabic for Jesus). These “Isa Dreams” have been happening for over 30 years while the West has slept, but no more! It is time to rouse ourselves, get informed, inform others, remove any barriers to belief and act together to support this growing harvest of Christ followers!


Muslims are aware of Jesus

Muslims are Aware

Islam, a religion said to be delivered by an angel in Mohammed’s dreams, is being profoundly shaken. The prophet Joel foretold a time when God’s “Spirit would be poured out on all flesh … [they] will dream dreams.” Only ‘angels’ aren’t appearing in these dreams – it is the Messiah! This wave of the Holy Spirit doesn’t recognize nationalities, boundaries or laws. Campus Crusade workers in India frequently report people excitedly pointing to Jesus in the Jesus Movie exclaiming that they have seen that man in a dream!

Dream Testimonials



Anna's story of an Isa Dream

Anna’s Story

We just received a testimony of an Isa Dream from our friends at Partners International. Jesus began appearing in dreams to “Anna” (an Egyptian Muslim) shortly after her son was arrested. He kept assuring her that He would release her son, only for her to wake one morning and actually find him by her bed – released during the riots. “Anna” ran in the night to a local monastery crying out, “Isa, help me. I’m coming to You!” She eagerly accepted Christ. Jesus freed her son and saved her soul! “Anna” was one of thousands flooding Tahrir Square in Cairo last year, but she dared to wave a red flag and scream “Jesus.”

Read her story!



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