Testimonies and Videos

woman in burkah

More than dreams is a website that helped produce five excellent videos about Isa Dreams: Khalil (Egyptian terrorist), like Saul, becomes a follower of Isa after meeting Him in dreams (testimony; video); Mohammed (Nigerian herder), meets a glowing man who reveals Himself as Isa through a series of dreams (testimony; video); Dini (teenage Indonesian girl), when everyone else had let her down, Dini found acceptance and peace in Isa who came to her in her dreams (testimony; video); Khosrow (Iranian man) questioned “the meaning of life” and found answers in the glowing man of his dreams (testimony; video); and Ali (Turkey), this Turkish alcoholic met Isa in his dreams and his life was changed forever (testimony; video).

See our Links For Further Research page for many more testimonies and videos.

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