Why the silence?

Reluctant to wake up!

There has been some reporting on it from mission organizations, notably Campus Crusade. But not much. It does sound rather sensational – God is showing up in dreams and millions are getting saved …  it is sensational!  Isa Dreams pose a dilemma, they appear to be supernatural and point toward Jesus as deity rather than just a challenging guru and activist. Segments of the church equate supernatural with superstitious and either deny dreams and visions as hysterical illusion or believe they are demonic. These dreams are also “politically incorrect,” as they infer that Muslims are “wrong” and need to be saved. We live in an age when it is insensitive to assert that a particular religion is “the way, the truth and the life.” Isa Dreams are also incendiary among Muslim zealots. Since 9/11, the United States has struggled with mixed feelings toward Muslims. While we wage a war on terrorism, we try to live peacefully with our own Muslim population. Spiritual warfare (i.e. Daniel 10 – the resistance of the Prince of Persia) is a distinct possibility as Satan desires to hide what God is doing. Some missionaries have been content with the dreams’ low profile, believing that this movement was “flying under the radar” and protecting dreamers from persecution. We believe that it is time to wake up to what is happening, because it is time to respond. Ultimately, this is about missions – the Lord of the Harvest is preparing the in-gathering, therefore, we believe that it is time to repent and engage in His work.

Western mindset often opposed to the supernatural.
Enlightenment belief systems tend to dismiss supernatural phenomena as superstitious illusion. This does not appear to be true outside the West, where dreams are commonplace.

The church in the United States sometimes believes that accepting dreams and visions will lessen missions urgency. Our organization believes that these dreams are a call for greater missions mobilization! Perhaps we need to be open to a similar encounter with God. Certainly we cannot dictate it, but we can open ourselves to God’s supernatural intervention. We must wake up like Jesus’ disciples in the Garden, repent of what holds us back and join our Lord in this venture.

Manifold Hope (our organization) believes that repentance is a key to involving the Western church in this modern move of God. Repentance is acknowledging where we are off track with God, asking for forgiveness and seeking to come in line with God’s will. That re-alignment may be representational, as we identify ourselves with our ancestors, culture or country, or it may be personal, as we ask God to bring down the barriers to His will in our lives. Repentance clears the air, clarifies the issues and permits a grace-filled flow of the Holy Spirit. On our next page, we will explore repentance in some depth, providing scripture references and repentance prayers.

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