New Isa Dream References

Isa dreams are exploding and so are their online coverage. Here are some new references.

Isa Dreams appeared in Wikipedia for a brief, shining moment!

Here is a WND story titled “The hero of the story is Jesus Christ”

Jesus is not just appearing to Muslims – hear what Russell Wilson, the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, says of his Jesus dream


Isa Dreams

Man goes to Mecca and meets Jesus

Why Revival is Exploding Among Muslims

How Christians Are Creating Crisis for Muslims

Muslims Converting to Christianity at Record Rates

Jesus Reveals Himself to Syrian Muslim

Muslim Woman Receives Jesus Revelation Through Vision

Jesus Moving in Muslim World Through Dreams, Visions

Dream Turns Hate-Filled Muslim Into Lover of Israel

Campus Crusade for Christ (Crusade for Who?)

Is Jesus Christ Reaching Out to Muslims Through Their Dreams? | Video |

Visions of Jesus Stir Muslim Hearts: Spiritual Life on

Visions of Jesus appearing to Muslims?


Why John Piper Doubts Muslims Having Jesus Dreams

▶ Muslims CONVERTING to christianity through dreams and visions of JESUS – YouTube

Visions and Dreams of Jesus in Muslim Countries

▶ Breaking! JESUS Appearing To Muslims In Visions And Dreams! MUST WATCH! – YouTube

Visions of Jesus appearing to Muslims?

Muslims Encountering YAHUSHUA In Unusual Dreams

Visions Of Jesus Appearing To Muslims? | Religion

Supernatural Dreams and Visions Compel Muslims to Become Christian – Yahoo Voices –

Jesus appears to Muslims in dreams | God Reports

Is Jesus Appearing to Muslems in Dreams? – David Icke’s Official Forums

Muslims dream and have visions of Jesus, two types of dreams | Pray

More Than Dreams – Jesus Appears In Dreams To Muslims

Untitled Document

Ezekiel’s Trumpet: Breaking! JESUS Appearing To Muslims In Visions And Dreams! MUST WATCH!

Jesus Appears to Muslims |


Thousands of Muslims See Jesus In Dreams and Visions and Are SAVED! Mp3 Download

Dreams and Visions of Jesus in the Muslim world from Iran, Turkey, Nigeria, Indonesia, Egypt

Jesus appearing to millions of muslims in dreams – Christian Forums

Visions of Jesus appearing to Muslims? | EARLY CHURCH FATHERS

Muslims find the real Jesus

Wake up to dreams! | Isa Dreams

Jesus Appears to Muslim nation in T.L. Osborn Crusade | Official Site of Apostle David E. Taylor | Joshua Media Ministries International

Canada: Near Death, Muslim Sees Jesus in Toronto Hospital | MidnightWatcher’s Blogspot

Let us pray that Jesus will continue to intervene with signs and wonders, visions and dreams, in the hearts of Muslims. :: Discerning The Times | Dr. Brad Long | |ntercessors Cooperating Wtih The Holy Spirit

Muslims and Jesus


Muslims Having Jesus Dreams ! | Hazem Farraj

Muslims Are Seeing Jesus During Ramadan « Afghanjohn’s Weblog

Real Estate Appraisals Forum – Visions of Jesus appearing to Muslims?

Muslims Having Dreams And Visions Of Jesus – Eternal PlannerEternal Planner

24 Mullahs have Visions of Jesus

Visions of Jesus

Muslims experiencing Jesus Christ through dreams and visions | Derrick Garland Coy

Mission Frontiers – Muslims tell… “Why I Chose Jesus”

Jesus Appears to Muslims in Dreams | 7th June 2010

Dreams Draw 6 Millions Of Muslims To Jesus

How is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World? – JASWiki

The Jesus Vision -Jesus appearing to Muslims*

Muslims seeing Visions of Jesus

Biblical Missiology | Factors leading to conversion of Muslims to Christ.

soteriology – Are there any common themes in the dreams so many Muslims have that prompt them to come to Jesus? – Christianity Stack Exchange

im having doubts about islam

Dreams about Jesus Islamic Interpretations Explanation

More Than Dreams – Visions and Dreams of Jesus Among Moslems

Rapture Watch Videos

Pearls in a Nutshell: Our Amazing God

God reaching millions of Muslims through dreams and visions of Jesus

Jesus and the Near-Death Experience

My Dreams of Jesus

Five Things About Islam

Jacob’s Well

Changing the face of Islam on heart at a time. MUSLIMS JEWS AND CHRISTIANS, ISHMAEL PROJECT – Covenant of Life

The Egyptian Castle – Express it – Attack on Humanity

Visions of Jesus and Mary – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jesus Vision From Muslim

Terra’s Tune: A Man in A White Robe

Video from Egypt shows Muslim mob attacking Christian church, taking down cross

The Dream | Muslims of

Christians Wash the Feet of Syria’s Most Vulnerable at Catch The Fire Ministries

Former Muslim Extremist in Uganda Flees Wrath of Ex-Colleagues | Anti Sharia

Ghana for Jesus

Divine Intervention: Testimonies

Meaning of Dreams about Jesus – a dream interpretation dictionary

A Testimony from a Saudi Believer

Why millions of Muslims are seeing apparitions of the Mother Mary – Encounter – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Missions « Renewal Dynamics / Regent University School of Divinity

Story | Interserve

‘Walking’ with Jesus’ – testimony from Dudley Perio | What is God Doing … in Austin

More Christ: When Jesus appears to people.

Supernatural Biblical Guidance 06

“Jesus Christ” | shaynroby – Walking with Jesus- Dudley Perio


Divine Revelations: Face to Face encounters with Jesus Christ

Jesus appears in room of a former Hindu

Nations 4 Jesus: Dreams of the Muslims

Is God speaking through pop culture? | Samuel Company,_Updated_Version.pdf

Dreams of the Muslims – Charleston Missionary |

A Church Is Born: African Muslims Becoming Jesus People

NetCasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men – Craig Von Buseck – Google Books

Visions of Jesus appearing to Muslims? –

jesus appearing Sermon Illustration, Sermon Illustrations on jesus appearing –

Jesus Appears In Dreams And Visions To Muslims Around The World – Christianity – Zimbio

View topic – Dreams, Visions Moving Muslims to Christ | True Life in God discussion list

Now Appearing: Jesus | Compost

Mission Network News

Gabriel – Angel Gabriel – Archangel

Muslims tell…Why I chose Jesus – “I had a dream”

Dream Encounters in Christian and Islamic Societies and Its Implications for Christian Ministry and Mission | K. | Global Missiology English

Baptist Press -ANALYSIS Many converted Muslims stand — or fall — alone – News with a Christian Perspective

Jesus’ Muslim Friends

Intense Love: Jesus…in Your Dreams! By Kelly Durant 4-21-13

Ibn seerin’s dictionary of dreams english translation of tafseer a…

I AM, The Word, and The Comforter: Muslims Find Jesus 5: Ex Terrorists

Getting Rich: from Zero to Hero in One Blog Post | Mr. Money Mustache

Two roads diverged and I took the one to Europe


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